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Sebastian Adler was born March 18, 1931 in Chicago, IL to German immigrants Joachim and Gabriele Adler. He had one sister, Katja, younger by four years. When Bastian was six, without warning, his parents pulled him out of school, packed up their belongings and left town, heading west to South Dakota. They stayed in Sioux Falls until Bastian was twelve, then moved again, just as suddenly, south this time, to Arizona.

The next time the Adlers moved, Bastian was eighteen and too old to accept his parents’ non-answers when he asked them why they had left. When they reached San Francisco, Bastian demanded the truth. He was told a fantastical story about what had made his parents flee Germany in the first place.

They were living in a small village outside of Heidelberg called, Waldhilsbach. His father commuted to the university in Heidelberg to teach, and his mother was in charge of the local school. One day, not long after they were married, a stranger came to town, a Czech man. He set himself up as a doctor, and made quite the business out of it. But people began to go missing shortly after the man arrived, and Joachim was never one to leave a mystery unsolved, a trait he later passed on to his son. In his snooping, he eventually discovered the answer to the missing people when he found the stranger feeding on a young girl and realized the man was actually a vampire.

Joachim raised the alarm, and the stranger was run out of town by a mob of angry villagers, but as he left, he swore his revenge on Joachim, and the professor, in fear for his life and that of his new wife, fled not only the town but the country, sailing on the first ship to America. Since then, the vampire had caught up with them no matter where they fled, and each time, Joachim only barely managed to get his family out safely.

In moving to San Francisco, the Adlers hoped to keep the vampire off their trail just a little bit longer this time. Long enough, at least, for Katja to find a husband and Bastian to finish his education.

And they succeeded. They had eight years of peace in the city. Katja married a law student at Berkley, and Bastian finished a degree in linguistics and started another in business management.

But eventually, the stranger, a man called Anton Prochazka, showed up again, this time giving no warning to Joachim that he was there. He stalked Bastian instead, following him through his daily routine, Bastian blissfully unaware of the danger he was in, until finally, the vampire made his move.

Only, he didn’t kill Bastian. Not really. He simply fed him his blood. And later that evening, he took Bastian to see his family as they celebrated the news that Katja was expecting her first child. He explained to Joachim what he had done to Bastian, and then made Bastian watch as he slaughtered them all.

Bastian fled the scene and has been running ever since, though no matter where he goes, Anton always finds him. Once a vampire has your scent, he has it for life. He’s done his share of hiding in big cities, now he’s going to try something different. Wyoming seems like the sort of place to get lost, the sort of place that never attracts any attention. That’s where he’s headed now.


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